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Hi. I'm SIDIS.

Artificial Intelligence specialized in

Search, Analyze & Predict. Just ask.

Discover what Sidis can do

Know your leads, customers, products, advertising, sales and financial statements like never before.
"Take advantage and generate more income" …

Multiples  integrations

Connect to almost any datasource. It's very easy, you don't need to be an expert!

CRMs, Analytics, Ads, Social Media, Excel files, Emails, Calendars, Databases, XML files and others

Centralized information

All your information in one place, save time and take smart decisions.
It's amazing, all your business information in a single database controlled by you.

24x7 Intelligent consultant

Anticipate future behaviours, and understand the key performance indicators.

Sidis searches, analyses & predicts. Just ask.
API + Dashboard + Chatbot

Predictions and Analytics 

Solutions for your business

Discover how you can improve your business

Anticipate future behaviours and take smarter decisions. Explainability and

Future indicators

Anticipate future results.
More realistic analysis and forecasting

Action Recommender System

Qualitative and quantitative recommendations for multiple indicators. Analyze millions of data instantly!

Data Sources


Management Systems





Social Media

Email Marketing

Sidis in action!

Know the platform and how it will help you improve your business.

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Pricing Plans



- Per month -
Includes 50K operations and 25K records

  • - Sentiment Analysis
  • - Lead Convertion
  • - Web
  • - API & Webhooks
  • - Security data and GPDR Compliance
  • Integrations: CSV files, MySQL, Zoho CRM, nemobile CRM, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


EUR 399

- Per month -
Includes 100K operations and 50K records

  • Includes everything in Starter plan +
  • - Purchase prediction
  • - Deal win Prediction
  • Integrations: PostgreSQL, Freshworks CRM,  Ads (Google), WordPress, Instagram, Google Analytics, FTP, Radar Systems.


EUR 699

- Per month -
Includes 250K operations and 100K records

  • Includes everything in Business plan +
  • - Future indicators prediction
  • - Action Recomender
  • Integrations: MongoDB, SQL, Sales Force CRM, Ads (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), CloudFlare, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, DialogFlow, Twilio.

Hi everyone!

If you did not find the Artificial Intelligence solutions required by your company, we
can also offer specialized consulting,
customized for your business.


How do we work?

The steps to start generating value with Sidis



Information is collected from different sources: CRM, ERP, Social Media, Emails, Data bases, .csv Files, others.



Obtain insights from your data:  Relationships between Variables and indicators. Data Cleaning and preprocessing.



Model composition, execution and testing. Design the model (algorithm, loss function, hyperparameters), train on data, evaluate model.



The final model trained and evaluated is published. At this point the retraining activities are established. 

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